Colored Crack for the Female Masses

This may very well be a familiar personal story for some. When I turned 40, I suddenly went into a panic. I simply did NOT have enough makeup….or good makeup, for that matter. Up til then, I rarely wore it and couldn’t care less how many shades of eye shadow I had, if my pores were perfectly blurred with the latest HD makeup products or if I had a ‘glowy’ look.

I now own in excess of 250 eye shadows, 85 pigments, approximately 35 lipsticks and glosses, 11 different types of foundation – liquid, mineral and cream – 7 different concealers – stick, cream, compact, liquid and powder – 6 types of primer, 15 finishing powders/’glows’ and enough raw materials to mix whatever shade of eyeshadow, lip gloss, nail polish, finishing powder or foundation strikes me as a great idea that day. I still can’t believe what’s happened. I’m a cosmetics crack-head!

My current quest: trying to get the perfect blue shades to wear that won’t make me look like a psychotic circus freak. I just got a MAC gift card for my bday, so will be hitting them up full force and having them do my eyes in some of their blue products before I buy them. Am also eyeing their paint pots and creams in a tube. The hunt never ends hahahaha

And let’s not forget about the perfumes! That’s a whole other obsession!

Seeing as I own enough cosmetics to fill your average department store, and my husband being a photographer to boot, I figured I would start reviewing some of them. Actually, all of them. One by one. Which will be no easy feat as I add to my current cosmetics collection on a weekly basis. Personally, I’ve wasted a fair bit of my hard-earned cash on products that are now sitting there gathering dust. And then there are the ‘others’ that make me want to put as much slap on as I can manage for a day. Hopefully this will help other women out there pick and choose carefully from the plethora of crappy cosmetics on the market.

I will also include articles/advice pieces I’ve written in the past on different skin care problems and solutions, facial recipes and – of course – will eventually post for sale my own 100% pure, hand mixed blend of masks and facial scrubs. Buy in sample amounts to test the products out, or buy in bulk to save yourself some money. Because we all know there’s nothing worse than trying to put your makeup on over a bumpy, patchy, red surface. It all starts with great skin care.

Feel free to post questions and comments, but please keep them polite. This blog is meant to be a place that helps women all over the world make smarter purchases and improve the condition of their skin. Arguments and bickering are completely unnecessary and will be deleted. That being said, there’s always room for healthy disagreements. Just keep it on the non-catty side, thanks 🙂

And please understand that I am just today starting this blog. I still have to decide on a final design. It will come together slowly, but will eventually be quite a comprehensive source of info and reviews. If you’ve got your own review or facial care recipe that you’d like to publish on this blog, go ahead and forward it to me. If it’s well written, clear and informative, you can be sure I will put it up.